Signing Idol packs the place

By: Justine Schoolfield
Circulation Manager

On March 28th both Ms. Cayton and Dr. Crain premiered the 7th annual Signing Idol in the Heritage auditorium. There was a plethora of song choices signed by the first and second year students. The thirst year students performed a skit on discrimination again deaf people called Audism. Ms. Caytons fifth period, first year signers won first place in their year with their mash-up of songs titled “The Workout of The Decade” and Dr. Crain’s second year, sixth period class won first place in their year with the mash-up of songs titled “Disco Rocks”.
First year soloist first place winner was Katherine Borchers. Both of her sisters, Kelli and Jennifer, also won a soloist place when they were in high school. Second year soloist winner was Spencer Jacoby. With help from the judges, Shane Yerkes (VSA President), Izabella Lewondowski (ASL teacher, Evergreen High School) And Kellie Swindell (Nationally Certified Interpreter/ ASL teacher, Prairie High School) they chose the winners of this year’s show.
Heritage signers also participated in this year’s So You Think You Can Sign, which Ms. Cayton started back in 2005. Heritage placed in every category we entered in. First level; Second place, Amber Allen; Third place, Jericah Pinard. Second level; First place, Miranda Cabral. Third level; First place, Tiffany Shaw. Forth level; First place, Jackie Haines. Duo/Small group; Third place. Britani Atwell and Audrey Thompson.