COUNTDOWN by Camper Ruybal

10 12 macro

Twelve days until graduation. Most of us have never felt so much pressure in our entire high school career then in this exact moment. The days seem to be clicking by like the dreaded seconds on an obnoxiously loud analog clock in an uncomfortable receptionist’s office. The drumming of pencils on desks as people sit staring at their fictional great wall of writers block while their minds wander off thinking about other things.

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FINGERTIPS by Emily Fraser


My house – big for our small family – had always been a place of comfort.

It was just me and my mom – my father walked out on us when I was young, but at a year and a half old I didn’t really miss his presence. Mom was the only around to raise me, and she often came home from work ready to collapse. As soon as she was through the front door, she would bee-line for the couch in the living room. She would flop down, the cushions absorbing her tired muscles. I would come down from my bedroom. She’d look at me and say “My baby girl’s here!”
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FRIENDSHIP TEST by Spencer Adair


Friends, they’re with you to the end right? Really? Are we really so sure? So I sat down and came up with a friendship test. Don’t call me paranoid, well maybe I amlike all the time. Anyway I wanted to know just how well my friends knew me. So I came up with a set of questions and asked them to my best friend, Jacob, and someone I just met, Katie.

I called it the Friendship Test.

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14 YEAR OLD ME by Gage Thomas

Dear 14-year-old me,

Didn’t see you there, with you down on the floor feeling sorry for yourself. Get up!

Come on, don’t be such a wimp. I’m just kidding.Need a hand? You’re going to need to figure out how to get up yourself sooner rather than later. I guess this is where I should tell you to never give up, never surrender and all that other motivational crap, but I’m not going to do that.

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