WE ALL SIGN ON by Marcus Hendrickson


So You Think You Can Sign is not only a place to bring together competitive American Sign language competitors, but also a place for the coming together of two cultures, the hearing and deaf. It is an enjoyable event filled with joyful, funny, and deep entertainers signing along to popular songs. It is one of three ASL events held at Heritage, along with Signing Idol, and Sign and Out.

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14 YEAR OLD ME by Gage Thomas

Dear 14-year-old me,

Didn’t see you there, with you down on the floor feeling sorry for yourself. Get up!

Come on, don’t be such a wimp. I’m just kidding.Need a hand? You’re going to need to figure out how to get up yourself sooner rather than later. I guess this is where I should tell you to never give up, never surrender and all that other motivational crap, but I’m not going to do that.

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Nerd Culture Phone

For years the gaming community has enjoyed the constant feed of new games with better graphics or that new map. It just seems like there is always something completely new in the next game that the previous games don’t have. Or the online games that constantly updates and upgrades the content, adding more to it, or making it more extravagant. But then there comes the question, how much stuff is too much stuff? Or by adding more and more are you burning out the players who have been loyal fans for years? Say a new map came in that is just like the old ones, except with a darker filter. Why would that interest me anymore than the previous one? Or there has been ten new bosses added through a patch. There will always be that one game that really captured our hearts or our imagination, but after playing it over and over it just makes you feel burned out of the game and as though the things that were challenging before are now routine.


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DAISY by McKenzie Walker

Image courtesy Hailey Owens

Mom had that look in her eyes again
Like an absence of reality.
She sent me away for another cab ride around town,
She told me for only an hour or so
But this was the fifth ride this month.
She promised me anything I wanted,
Ice cream or a new toy.
But I knew better,
She only makes promises when she sends me away
For the wrong reasons.
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Image by Camper Ruybal


So there I was in front of the class, my turn to present next. Of all days to give a presentation for a final project, it had to be January 26th two years ago, my sophomore year. My birthday. The report was on a novel and we had to make a poster about it. My novel was The Count of Monte Cristo by Alexandre Dumas. In my mind, everything that could possibly go wrong, would. The nerves were already getting to me and they were only getting worse. We’ve all had those moments before a presentation. You got butterflies and all that good stuff, and you desperately hoped it would be postponed somehow.


Just use your note cards. If anything, you’ll lose just a few points for reading directly off them. No big deal.

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