Hunger games: Book vs. Movie

Book vs Movie

By: Tyler Moulton

When it comes down to a popular book series and making them into movies, both are good, but only one of them is the best. The book tends to go more into detail and emotion that the movie sometimes leaves out. However, the movie turns the images while reading the book into thrilling action. Either way, both leave a viewable image in the back of people’s heads.

For some readers, it’s hard to visualize a picture, while the movie shows the picture for them. Although the movie doesn’t get everything from the book into it, it still gets a vast majority of the details and action. “I like the movie because it came pretty close to all of the details in the book,” says Bevin Madden. The movie is better because people that don’t know how to read in English and want to see the movie, they can change the language when it comes out on DVD. A book could take quite a few days or months to finish because not everybody likes to read, while the movie only lasts a couple of hours.

Although the movie shows the action, the book shows the true emotion. “The book is definitely better because it goes more into detail,” says Nicole Moss. For a movie you would have to wait for a year or more for the next movie of a series while it takes a year or less for the next book to come out. A movie could cost quite a lot of money just to see in theaters while a book would be free at the library.

It depends on what kind of person you are to decide which one is better, however, both the movie and book have their ups and downs but are good in their own way.