Confidence week outcomes

By Marisa Love
Online Editor

The week of March 26th – March 30th, hundreds of students woke up and made the hard choice, not to put on makeup or use any hair products, they got involved Heritage’s first ever, Confidence week.

During this week, students and teachers were asked not to wear any makeup or use any hair products so they could show off their true beauty, and show their confidence. Ms. Rice and Lindsey Maedl, the student that came up with the idea and first suggested it to Ms. Rice, both agreed that confidence week was a success.

In room 601, students that participated were given the opportunity to get their pictures taken. A total of 102 students arrived and were photographed, as shown above. Seeing everyone without all the makeup and hair products was a good change, “I think everyone looked better without make-up, and girls should have more confidence to not wear so much all the time,” says sophomore Jacob Scott.

Besides not wearing makeup or hair products, some teachers took their classes down to the auditorium to see the assembly put together by Ms. Rice and her classes. A clip of the movie Miss Representation was shown and students from Ms. Rice’s classes spoke about their personal experiences and troubles they have had with confidence. “Hearing peoples stories made me realize how much not having confidence can affect someone,” says freshman Kierstyn Obermiller.

Many look forward to doing it again next year, and we hope to see more students and teachers involved that didn’t participate this year.