Prom: Forever in a night

By: Amber Downing

As students walked up the tile stairs to the Melody Ballroom in Portland, Ore. girls were dressed in flowing dresses and the boys in sharp tuxedos.

The prom fashion styles included beaded tops, glitter, and an array of spring colors.
There were many different lengths of dresses, from short and “homecoming length” to the long, elegant sleek look to the princess style. From open backs to lace and frills it’s very obvious that every girl had their own style.

With a matching date in a flattering tuxedo, it seemed most had a good time. A great night to remember prom is an experience most high school students want. “Prom is literally the best part about being a junior or senior, I save all of my money just so I can go,” said senior Breanna Allison. Although prom is pretty spendy it’s worth every moment.
Most girls spend hours preparing their hair, makeup and nails.

The rest of the day, groups spend time together taking pictures at the waterfront, or some place filled with beautiful scenery. “It’s so exhilarating being there with all of my friends for one last time before graduating,” said Allison.
Prom is the one time of year where girls get to dress up in their most gorgeous dresses and dance the night away.