Gas prices

By: Michael Noriega

Over the past years gas has increased at a drastic rate. In 1995 the gas prices were $1.15 per gallon. Now currently the gas prices are at an all time high at $4.20 but soon to average $5.00 by the summer.
This is a problem for a lot of people like for people who use their cars frequently like to get to their jobs and school.

“They’re too high! And my car only gets like 15mpg,” says Junior Connor Heinz.

“They are kind of high right now. But I think when society adjusts to the change it will not be a problem,” Say’s Junior Emily Ulsh. This is a problem that affects particularly more to teenagers, because it’s a fact that teens 13 through 18.

This costs the teens who can drive and their parents a lot of money to drive back and forth. Gas prices had never been a big deal before because gas prices were reasonable. But now a lot of parents are putting their feet down on giving rides to their kids because the gas prices are too high for them to be wasting to trips to the mall and other places.

“I think the rising gas prices are a huge sign that we need to start thinking more ecofriendly in our lives and switching to a more efficient way of transportation. As the years pass the number of hybrids will be outnumbered by fuel powered cars,” say’s Junior Jay Ulrich.

People need to stop and think about this because this problem is showing signs that it’s only going to get worse before it gets any better. Maybe going ecofriendly is the best thing to do at this particular moment in time.