New social networking sites

By: Anna Tomlinson
News Editor

When we hear the phrase ‘Social Networking’, many instantly think of Facebook. There’s no denying its popularity, but other sites have recently begun rising from the shadows, gaining attention, and recognition as well. Two of these sites are Pinterest and Tumblr, both allowing users to post their own interests for a multitude of followers to enjoy.

Tumblr has become the online posting board of today’s youth. Users have the ability to create a page all their own, and follow others whose posts fall into their category of interest, as well as upload their own pictures, videos, messages, etc. Pinterest, on the other hand, has become greatly valued by those of all ages as it has relatively similar qualities to Tumblr, however, the additional organization, sophisticated layout, and searching ease has drawn the attention of a vast crowd.

Senior Bevin Madden has had mixed feelings about Tumblr while managing to put it to good use. “Tumblr is the best and worst thing to ever happen to me. It’s provided me hours of entertainment, but it’s made me the biggest procrastinator in the world.” This theme seems to show true of late as students use social sites to vent the massive amounts of work they have yet to complete, though Madden managed to add a unique spin to a class presentation by ‘blogging’ her research along with classmate and fellow senior, Elizabeth Pring.

Pinterest, being the more recently created of the two sites is little known, but those in the loop have much to say about it. “It opens your eyes to new things that you’ve never seen before; new and exciting and creative things! For example, an old light bulb used for porch flower planters,” said junior Payton Bryant.

It is clear that social networking sites won’t be fading away anytime soon, and embracing their unique offerings allows us the benefit of utilizing what they have to offer to our best abilities.