Goodbye HOWL Heritage!

I learned so much from this class, how to get along with others and take criticism easily. I’ll miss all of the awesome works that were posted and everyone. This class was the most upbeat and I’m so grateful that I got to be apart of it all. I’m definitely going to miss the feeling I got when my own work was posted. Just that feeling that I could have my moment to shine, that I could be a somebody instead of just someone that was just there. This class boosted my confidence so much and I’m so happy about that.

Thank you for the great memories!

– Alicia Pfaff

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MAHOWLO by Ms. Cayton

Senior’s of Class of 2014 had a Luau Fundraiser.This Luau was chaired by Melissa Cayton and teamed up with Senior Parents & Students to raise funds for the senior drug/alcohol free party. (Committee chair person’s involved the parents of Miranda Cabral, Antonio “Tone” Pulido, Jay Allen & Katie Sixour, Parents are: Melissa Cayton, Lizz Pulido, April Allen, Vicki Sixour).

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THE BIG FRAME UP by Dmitry Ivanchuk


Looking through a frame allows me to creatively visualize my next photograph. As soon as I started using this style of photography I noticed how simple it was to find things that were meant to be framed. I was walking down a busy street with a frame held before my eyes. I closed one eye than the other. Every  time trying to picture how to tell a story that needs to be unleashed from a 2 dimensional rectangular box. A day spent trapping pixels in a limited space, the joy of taking photographs. I didn’t know why, this mundane task brought pleasure to the artist until it struck me:

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Nerd Culture Phone

For years the gaming community has enjoyed the constant feed of new games with better graphics or that new map. It just seems like there is always something completely new in the next game that the previous games don’t have. Or the online games that constantly updates and upgrades the content, adding more to it, or making it more extravagant. But then there comes the question, how much stuff is too much stuff? Or by adding more and more are you burning out the players who have been loyal fans for years? Say a new map came in that is just like the old ones, except with a darker filter. Why would that interest me anymore than the previous one? Or there has been ten new bosses added through a patch. There will always be that one game that really captured our hearts or our imagination, but after playing it over and over it just makes you feel burned out of the game and as though the things that were challenging before are now routine.


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Sabrina Frasier came to me on September 25th, five days before the deadline, presenting me with an idea to enter a video into the Katy Perry video contest. We made a plan. Camper Ruybal, George Stokes and I went to the Homecoming assembly and game to get footage. We also spent a day after school to get even more footage. This is one of most stressful things I have ever done, but it is also something I am very proud of. We all worked so hard on this, whether we win or not I think we should be proud of ourselves that we could create something like this in such a short period of time.


preforming-arts_7 Performer:

In all honesty, no one really understands what we performers go through. They see us put on our performance one time. They think it’s as easy as 1-2-3. In reality, they don’t see how hard we work to get our lines right and our body motions to go with the lines. Everything must be practiced and done right. In rehearsal we may joke around with each other and play around, but when we hit that stage, everything becomes professional. If we do something wrong, we can criticize ourselves for weeks, even months about what we did wrong. If we do everything right and perfect, we give ourselves so much confidence and assurance that we were nothing less than amazing!


As we stand on that stage under the bright lights, our heart beats fast,our palms start sweating, and it almost feels like we’re under pressure to be perfect.

We performers are always dedicated and determined to make a show amazing and perfect. We stay after school, 2 days a week, until 5:30 in the afternoon practicing and perfecting every little piece of our performance. We want to do and be our best for everyone. As we stand on that stage under the bright lights, our heart beats fast,our palms start sweating, and it almost feels like we’re under pressure to be perfect. We get nervous because all we want is for the audience to enjoy the show, but we also don’t want to mess up. Sure we make mistakes, but that doesn’t mean we have to stop and perfect it. If we’re in rehearsal, that’s fine but on stage, in front of an audience, the show must go on.


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