 Planning your summer escape / exploration of the world!
 Triple checking your credits to make sure you have all the credits you need to graduate.
 Taking it a little easier on classes when you know you’ll pass for sure and don’t care so much for that A.
 Starting the weekend on Thursday… ending on Monday.
 Skipping classes more often.

Above are the most common symptoms of Senioritis. Senioritis is diagnosed in most high school seniors. If you find yourself ditching class, not getting your work done on time or as fast, then you may have senioritis. The cure? Graduating. Now some people may claim that they have “Senioritis” but it may just be a case of being lazy. Senioritis is typically diagnosed toward the end of senior year. The students are excited to graduate and get out of school so they think “what’s the point?” The last few weeks of your senior year may be a piece of cake but they still matter. It may be exciting getting to go out in the real world and start your life as a college kid but you just have to push through these last couple of months and then you’ll be free.