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Goodbye HOWL Heritage!

I learned so much from this class, how to get along with others and take criticism easily. I’ll miss all of the awesome works that were posted and everyone. This class was the most upbeat and I’m so grateful that I got to be apart of it all. I’m definitely going to miss the feeling I got when my own work was posted. Just that feeling that I could have my moment to shine, that I could be a somebody instead of just someone that was just there. This class boosted my confidence so much and I’m so happy about that.

Thank you for the great memories!

- Alicia Pfaff

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BRIAN & KAILA by Matt Bullen


Editor’s note: Matt read this short story to Mrs. Fryar’s 1st period class last week. The class erupted into uproarious applause and celebration. We re-enacted Matt’s victory lap in the above photo.

Everything in my head was fuzzy when I was woken up by a strange ringing sound. My eyesight was blurry when I struggled to open my eyelids, so I took my hands and rubbed them for more clarity. When I became aware of what was going on, and when I could feel all five senses, the first thing I realized was how tired I was. My eyes didn’t want to wake up, they kept trying to force their way shut, and at one point I thought I heard them say, “shhh, it’s okay, just go back asleep…” but I built up the strength to keep them open.

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Texting! That’s all you see walking through a high school of over 2,000 students. Phones pushed up against their faces as they walk to their next class, bumping into people and walls, dropping their books and not caring, all because of a cell phone.

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DEAR ALEX by Victoria Bauer

WAlk Away

Dear Alex,

He cheated on me, three blindly happy years together and he cheated. I’m torn apart from the inside out and at a loss for words, came to you for help. I simply don’t know what to do, to try or not to try? I love him, I probably always will. But knowing he was embraced by someone else. A rage of lust is different than a tsunami of emotions.

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SENIOR SLIDE SHOW by Mrs. Wendlandt

The 2014 Senior Slide Show


REACHING OUT by Malina Alexander

Reaching Out explores the natures of who we are and who we wish to be. It is also the title of Malina Alexander’s AP Portfolio Concentration.

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MOVIN’ ON UP by Mr. Strong

Photos from the 2014 Moving Up Assembly

WATER SLIDE by Gage Thomas



When I was much, much younger, I had a very small Yoshi (From the Mario video game universe) that was about two and a half inches tall filled with beads. It was like a Beanie Baby, I still have it as a matter of fact. It was my favorite toy ever, I took it everywhere I went.

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