SPOTLIGHT ::: MALE athlete

John Ebert serving during a match. TYLER HOLBERT/The Howler
John Ebert a junior, tennis player has worked his way up the top and is this October’s Athlete of the Issue. “It feels awesome to know that you’re the Athlete of the Issue because all the work that you have put into the sport has been recognized,” said Ebert.
Men’s Tennis has many practice meets that help the players work on their skills, which will be put to the test against their opponents. “Boys tennis is doing really good; there are many incoming freshmen on our team. We have to train even harder now that there are more players because we’re only as strong as our weakest link,” said Ebert.
Boy’s tennis does not cut players so you can join, practice a lot and improve. “It takes long hours of practice and dedication to be an experienced player, never stop practicing,” said Ebert. Men’s Tennis is very active; having many matches keeps players active and continually working on their game.
Athletes at Heritage High School go through vigorous training and intense practices so they can increase their skills and be the best they can be. “It takes long hours and practice to be an athlete; it requires lots of dedication and hours working on our skills,” said Ebert.
T here are many athletes at Heritage and they do a good job, there is not one athlete who is bad or has no talent. Join a sport or club and encourage others to do so, because if everyone was in a club or sport then Heritage will be a great role model for all the other High Schools to follow.

-Written by John Furdui