Abby Knight, a senior varsity cross country runner, is this October’s Athlete of the Issue. She has performed exceptionally well at her meets,
“The girl’s team improved a lot, there’s also a good shot that If everyone performs to the best of their abilities that we make it to regionals,” said Knight.
Being an athlete takes time from your day due to practice, and attending meets and games. “Hard work, dedication, everything you do affects you’re running,” explained Knight, who has made regional’s many times. Putting her experience to good use; she teaches the incoming freshmen tips and tricks she has learned over the years. “Cross country is my favorite sport because running helps keep people fit and healthy.”
The cross country team is improving annually, with more freshmen joining every year. Students who attend the cross country meets help encourage the team; the more people cheering for the team results in higher school spirit.
“I’m excited to be the Athlete of the Issue, I hope to inspire more students to join clubs or sports so that everyone would be participating in something at Heritage High School,” said Knight. She influences people and wants them to understand that they can join a sport or club without being picked on. “We have lots of competitions and you have to train hard to be prepared,” said Knight. Sports and Clubs motivate you and give you self confidence, as well as looking good on your resume. If you’re in a sport or club encourages others to join so we can change the school together.

-Written by John Furdui