Male Athlete of the issue

Ronnie Hester

This month’s male athlete of the issue is senior varsity basketball player Cherno Sowe. Sowe has been playing basketball ever since he attended Frontier Middle School, and he achieved being on the “A” team. His hopes for this season are to get a better record than he had last season. He dedicates his time to basket ball every day after school until 5:15.

According to Sowe the biggest supporters to the team are Dakota Kerns, and Alex Sam. “Alex and Dakota have been to every game” says Sowe. “Alex was on the team, but coach did him wrong, and he still comes to every game to support our team, love you Alex!’ says Sowe.

Sowe’s biggest motivation is for him to get better and work harder to get his self ready for college sports. His inspiration would have to be his mother, because she is the strongest woman he has ever met. “Knowing she fights everyday to beat the cancer makes me want to persevere no matter what happens to me.” Sowe tells us.

When Sowe graduates his plan is to go to Western Oregon University, and play international basketball. “Sports have taught me a lot, teamwork, leadership, perseverance, accountability and ownership.” Says Sowe.

Sowe also enjoys taking part in football, and track. Sowe’s favorite memory happened when Tim Hergert had gotten hurt while practice was in session and coach Forbes was about to break down in tears. Before each game Sowe likes to take a pre-game bathroom break, and always listens to Wale’s hit single “DC or Nothing”

“I love everyone that has been a part of my life in anyway,” States Sowe.

“N.G.U;” Never give up. “Only the strong survive” are quote Cherno lives by.