Female Athlete of the issue

Amber Downing

This month’s athlete of the issue is junior gymnast Britni atwell. Britni has been doing gymnastics for the school since her freshman year but she has been doing gymnastics since she was two years old. in her free time britni likes to spend time with her friends and family. Her hopes for this are to go to state all around. When Britni isn’t at school or working on her her homework, she spends her time at the gym and works on her routine for 2 hours Monday through Thursday and on Wednesdays she’s there from 3 to 9:30.

According to The Columbian Atwell has won the all-around title at the Winterfest meet with a score of 37.25, just edging out Cadie Pratt of Spokane’s Mead High School (37.2). Atwell also won the vault (9.55) and the floor exercise (9.7). And she was first in her session in the bars (9.0) and was second on the beam (9.0).

Britni’s biggest supporters are her mom and her coach, not only is her coach her biggest supporter but she is also her biggest motivator alongside her teammates. Atwell’s inspiration comes from elite gymnasts Carly Patterson and Shawn Johnson. Britni believes that “if you don’t shoot for the stars and try 100% you’re not shooting for your dreams.” Atwell plans on going to UW (university of Washington) and continuing on with her gymnastics career. Britni’s influence on life is that everything in gymnastics has to be with life as in learning to be determined, prideful, along with learning pace, technique, balance, leadership and teamwork.

Not only does Atwell show competitiveness in gymnastics, but she is also an active member of track and swimming. Atwell has been doing track and field since sixth grade and swimming since her freshman year. She enjoys working out and knowing the fact that she can pick up most boys. Atwell’s favorite memory would have to be when she went to state her freshman and sophomore year.
Before a big meet Britni enjoys listening to music and she wishes all of her teammates good luck. Atwell would like to like to put out they’re still undefeated and still going strong and “I love you girls!”