By: Tyler Moulton

Spring time is lacrosse time, so get ready to play. This year, instead of Heritage just playing, all four of the high schools have combined and are practicing at Frontier Middle School. Lacrosse is not a single person sport but a team sport, indicative through the communication and teamwork they use in order to make a good pass and score some points. Luckily for the girls, everybody who got cleared was able to be on the team. “At least a few people from every school joined; there were twenty- five from Heritage, one from Evergreen, eight from Mountain View, and twenty from Union, so with an overall of fifty- four players,” says Shawn Perez, five year head coach for lacrosse. Some returning players are Senior Jocelyn Cole, Junior Dawn Lumen, Junior Emily McCoy, and Senior Hunter Armstrong.

This year, the lacrosse team is in the Varsity Nisqually league. “We have a very talented team this year. I think we will do very well,” says Coach Perez. “There is no state competition for lacrosse. Instead, it just goes to a playoff system and Heritage has not gone to playoffs,” continues Coach Perez. Their goal this year is to mainly win games at the varsity level. But also, to win 4 games at the JV level so their program will continue to grow. “Practice, practice is the key. The game of lacrosse is so new to everyone, they just need to practice cradling, throwing, and catching,” says Coach Perez.

If the team continues to practice on their techniques, they should be as good as they plan to be, for their goal is pretty big.