Easter: Then vs. Now

By: Marisa Love
Online Editior

As a child, you would wake up on Easter morning, excited to get an Easter basket and go out searching for Easter eggs with your family. It was a day to look forward to; you would get so much candy, a giant chocolate Easter bunny that would take you hours to eat.

For most of us, as teenagers, it’s just not as exciting. Some of us still get Easter baskets, and candy and get to enjoy dying eggs. But for most of us, it’s nothing to look forward to. Sophomore Camper Ruybal said, “Now we don’t do anything. It like any other day,” compared to as a child he would color eggs and go on Easter egg hunts. Easter just isn’t the same anymore, as kids it was so much better.
Freshman Rebecca Aguayo disagrees though. In her family things haven’t changed that much. “As kids, for Easter we would make confetti eggs. We would smash them on people’s heads and they would get confetti in their hair,” and now, traditions have remained the same.

Instead of Easter baskets, more often you hear about people getting money or jewelry or video games, or just something rather than candy. “Now if we do Easter hunts it’s usually for money,” said junior Emilee Winfield. Some people might like this better as not everyone is a big fan of candy, but other people would rather stick to the Easter tradition, of candy and a giant chocolate Easter bunny.

Freshman Yana Zaytseva said, “I like my childhood Easter better than my now Easter because it was more fun and I got presents.” Although presents are good, Keirstyn Obermiller has a different view on Easter now, instead of getting presents or candy she just has a nice dinner with her family. “I like Easter now better because I like food better than eggs,” she said.

So whether your Easter has changed drastically or stayed practically the same, Easter is a day to look back on all the memories you have made throughout the past years with your family. Enjoy Easter, and make more memories for and your family to look back on and remember because you never know, one day you might not have the same traditions anymore.