EMPIRE BUILDERS by Dmitry Ivanchuk

Capitol Building

On February 5th Heritage High School HOSA and DECA as well as other clubs from high schools in the Evergreen School District attended CTSO day. CTSO day gave High School Students the opportunity to meet with their local representatives and legislators, to discuss important factors that affect the availability, and value of clubs and Career and Technical Education classes in high schools across the State of Washington.


Heritage high school DECA and HOSA was able to meet with Monica Stonier, Paul Harris (both 17th district), and Brandon Vick (18th district) all representing schools located in the Evergreen School District.

Victor Front

The experience the students received was phenomenal: “It was the Power to Influence” (Victor Duran DECA President).

“It was a wonderful time participating in our government with fellow classmates by meeting with legislators discussing Career and Technical courses” (Dana Cosovan).

Meeting with Paul Harris

“I realized that I do make a difference in not only my life, but the lives of others around me” (Alyssa Ferguson).

Group Photos

“Great experience to talk to legislators about real issues that are important to us” (Carly Knight).

Group picture with Monica Stonier

Words & Photos by Dmitry Ivanchuk