Online Dating

Marisa Love
Online Editor
It’s always nice to have someone to call yours, someone that makes you feel special and that makes your heart race. Some students have become desperate for this feeling and try to meet people on Facebook. This is an outrage, not only is it desperate but it’s dangerous.

When people date someone over Facebook, often it is long distance and they never meet. Some people can handle long distant relationships but, dating someone you have never met is risky. They could be some old pervert or a serial killer; they could even steal your identity. It’s not as if they are going to tell you if they are old and a pervert. They are going to say that they are your age and probably some cheesy pick up lines to draw you in. Most people that choose to date someone they don’t know are desperate and will fall for practically anything.

Other than the dangers in dating someone you haven’t met, it’s simply unrealistic. The feelings that people are so desperate to feel, aren’t usually there. It seems as if when dating people you haven’t met, most people try to rush it. They say I love you after just days, before they truly know the other person. Which they might never know; you can never really know someone if you never get the opportunity to meet them.

When you meet someone it’s different then over text message or over Facebook, their true colors shine. You get a feeling of their personality, if they are funny, nice, mean, outgoing, sweet etc. These are things you might not otherwise be able to tell just through messaging.

A great thing about being in a relationship is the feeling you get when you see the other person, and when you hold their hand and hug them. It’s an irreplaceable feeling that you will never get from some stranger you meet on Facebook. You will never be able to trust someone you meet on Facebook; they could have 10 other face book relationships. They could have a real life girlfriend and just want some extra attention from you, and you will never know.

So the next time some stranger tries to add you or talk to you on Facebook, delete them, or ignore them. You never know who they could be, even if they are decent, Facebook relationships are never good. They never work and they are dangerous.