Earth Hour

By Ashley Davis
Opinion Editor
Earth hour is the annual event that is happening this year on March 31. It is considered the world’s largest single campaign for the planet. On this day everyone is asked to turn off their lights for one hour, at 8:30 pm. The point of earth hour is to unite everyone in taking steps toward change and towards a better planet.

Across the world we are running out of resources. We are depleting the world of animals, forests, energy and water. Because of this, the climate is changing and things are heading into a dark path. Earth hour is one way anyone can be a part of a collective step towards preserving what we still have left.

Everyone should participate in Earth hour. It is one day, for one hour, and will make a huge difference. Some people may argue that turning off all of their lights for one hour, is not going to make any difference. That’s like saying your vote doesn’t count. One individual cannot make the changes we need to see on their own, but several individuals working together, is what we need to see in order to see a change. If one person doesn’t participate, that’s one less link in our chain to help save the only thing that is keeping us alive. As the WWF website says, “It’s about giving people a voice and working together to create a better future for our planet.”

To be a part of this movement you can visit and pledge your support by signing up to participate. If you do not sign up, of course you can still participate by turning off all of your non essential lights at 8:30 pm, on March 31st.
Be a part of this movement, and show the world you care.