IDream Students

Elena Paliy, Kaily Marlin, Rikko Otero, Hon Malagon, Ezikiel Sandoval

By Anna Tomlinson
News Editor
iDREAM is a program which takes the Evergreen School District’s commitment to integrating more students onto the path of engineering and other high tech professions to a new level. iDREAM, which stands for Innovative Design, Research, Engineering and Mathematics, involves a freshmen course team of two teachers who combine principles of engineering and integrated algebra and geometry.
Students were required to work in teams constructing bridges from balsa wood. Designs had to be lightweight yet sturdy, and stress levels were tested. The students spent time at Linear Tech in Camas, Wash. touring the company and building ideas for the future.
Another event students competed in was that of creating a potential energy vehicle model, powered by the gravity of a dropping weight with a travel goal of ten meters. The models were tested at the Pearson Air Museum where freshman Rikko Otero took second place in the design category. His model was crafted of a lightweight wood with more pressure on the front end.
Freshman Elena Paliy took first for her engineering notebook accompanying the design. The students had the opportunity to study the historic planes in the museum and take many notes throughout the day.
The Evergreen School District’s determination to improve our students’ experiences both in and outside of the classroom and apply their knowledge to tasks in the field allows the students a higher quality of learning and motivation throughout their high school careers.