Holocaust Survivor

Holocaust survivor Alter Weiner spoke to World History classes on May 17.
By Anna Tomlinson
News Editor

Alter Wiener’s presentation of his experience through the Holocaust was both emotional and touching. Students currently taking World History or Sophomore English were in attendance for this once-in-a-lifetime assembly.
Wiener travels all over Washington and Oregon sharing his story, which is also told in his book, “From A Name To A Number”. Wiener’s accounts touched each student in attendance, whose eyes were filled with tears.
Being unable to complete his schooling during his youth, Wiener wished the students luck, and to promise him to stay in school and work hard.
Though his journey was rough, Wiener looks at his life as a learning experience for others. “I am here to share my story so that you can learn from my suffering,” said Wiener.
History teacher Miss. Harris met Mr. Wiener a few years ago. She said, “I was surprised by how much the students wanted him to come”.
His personality radiant and airy, one would never guess his heartbreak. But regardless of how he carries himself, Wiener does not feel as everyone else does, and said, “I am not a normal person, but I pretend to be”.