ONCE BITTEN by Olga Gula

From the moment the house lights dimmed and everyone’s voice quieted, to the grand bow at the end with the audience giving an uproar of applause, The Passion of Dracula was a production to remember.

Each night had its own unique performance and personality but there’s one thing they all had in common—the passion. Not all of the nights went smoothly, though. On opening night, the fire alarm unexpectedly went off in the middle of the show, but even as the audience filled with chuckles and whispers, the cast never broke character.

They kept pushing through and acted as if nothing had occurred. By recovering so quickly, the cast drew the audience’s attention away from the distraction and back to the stunning play.

Even when the effect of bats flying in from the audience to the stage was ruined due to them tangling in the middle, the actors kept going and carried on until intermission where they allowed themselves to share a giggle and fix the error.

Closing night brought a lot of nervous energy for the cast. I spoke with some of the actors prior to the show and they were all anxious and spoke their thoughts of how much they wanted to wrap the show up with a grand finale. There were a couple lines missed and a few stutters, but the bone-chilling passion was still very evident and the audience responded to it very well. The play was so good that I noticed several people in the audience who returned from previous nights. When the cast appeared at the end of the final act, the audience erupted in applause.

It was great to see all the different people who came together to make this show come alive. From the wonderful actors who captivated our attention, to the fantastic tech crew who created dramatic effects, the thunder and wolf howls, they made sure all of the transitions went smoothly. Special kudos go out to the show’s brilliant Director, Mr. Charles Jackam, who put on an extraordinary first show. We can’t wait to see what Beauty and the Beast brings in May!

Try-outs for Beauty and the Beast are on January 14th, 2014