lighting dancing painting

We’re studying slow shutter speed in Photo 1 right now. Ivy Remington went into a dark room and outlined Mckenzie Walker 24 times with a flashlight. I put the shots into a sequence and added a Portishead song. The result? 24 seconds of “light painting” awesomeness.


02.30.10 :::
Lee Emmert’s Immune System Project won the College Board’s 2011 Award for Excellence and Innovation in the Arts!

“The selection committee was very impressed with how the program connects students with their community and with professional artists, ” says College Board Coordinator Erica Selah. “The Immune System is a testament to the kind of positive impact that high expectations for all students can have on their learning.”

The College Board has issued Heritage High School a $3,000 monetary award to support the continuation of the program, and Mr. Emmert was honored at the College Board’s Western Forum in San Francisco on February 25-26. He’s also been invited to speak on the importance of Arts and CTE programming at the Board’s Annual Conference in San Francisco this upcoming July.