Female athlete of the issue: Hunter Armstrong

Hunter Armstrong, lacrosse

Justine Schoolfield
Circulation Manager

The female athlete of the issue is Senior Lacrosse player, Hunter Armstrong. The lacrosse team for the Evergreen School District is a combination of all four high schools.

Armstrong has been playing Lacrosse all four years of her high school career, starting as a freshman in 2009. She didn’t know what Lacrosse was when it was first introduced to her, but Armstrong to a shot and now she hopes to pursue the sport after high school. As a senior she plays starting Varsity.
This season Armstrong is looking forward to teaching all the new girls. “I’m really excited about the turnout of girls this year. It’s the most it’s ever been,” Armstrong exclaimed.

After high school she plans to study at Clark College her first two years then transfer to Michigan State. Michigan State has a girls Lacrosse team, which Armstrong hopes to join.
As an athlete, she likes how physical the sport is and enjoys the running, contact and challenge that playing Lacrosse brings.

Armstrong’s favorite moment in Lacrosse was during a game when the team was running a practice play and someone did a cartwheel on the field, caught the ball and made a goal.