Tyler Moulton

Once you hear the thunder of a ball being hit, you know it’s time for baseball. It takes time and patience to hit the ball at the right moment, but it also takes accuracy and strength to throw the ball into the strike zone.

People can get really fit from baseball by the running, hitting, and pitching.
Heritage has a new head baseball coach this year named Mitchell Ratigan who has coached baseball for twenty years. The last ten were at high schools in Arizona.

Although quite a few people made the team, unfortunately a lot were cut.

This year there are a lot of juniors that made the team with very few freshmen and sophomores.
Returning players from last year are Michael Youngs, Chris Stansberry, Tyler Raskins, and Dakota Clevidence. “Our goal is to improve every day. We have set a team goal to make the playoffs and represent our school in a positive manner,” says Coach Ratigan.

The starting players are Marcus Mason, Chris Stansberry, Dakota Clevidence, Tyler Raskins, Jared Luedecker, Eric Lovingood, Hunter Lewis, Dakota Kerns, Michael Youngs, Bryce Hendy, and Tim Hergert.

On Saturday, March 24th, the Timberwolves headed to Evergreen High School to play against the Plainsmen. Heritage ended the game with a 12-3 win making it the first win of the season! All of the players were excited that their hard work had paid off.

“It was an honest team effort,” said senior Chris Stansberry. “Everyone did something right that game, and Raskin had a great game.”

Heritage has won two league titles and one district title, but has never competed in a state championship game.

“If we play disciplined baseball and make routine plays, we could make a post-season appearance,” says Coach Ratigan. “To make a good baseball team, you need a group of athletes who have the ability to work together to achieve great things. We will be a good baseball team if we work together as one unit,” continues Coach Ratigan. “It takes athletic skills but also a strong work ethic and character to make the team.”

So the baseball players have their goals set for this season and are ready to win some games and win titles.