WE ARE BORN by Jessi Proulx

Image by Jessi Proulx


We grow to learn from our parents’ rights,

Their wrongs,

Their mistakes.

They teach us whether or not it’s wrong

To be passionate about the things you love, our presentation of


A child is born into this world knowing nothing.

It is what we teach that child that will create its perspective on this world.

What will create their piece of mind?

People’s choices.

People’s opinions

Should not affect us 

But only them

And who they want to be.


My children will grow to learn that

Everyone is different

That does not give us the right to judge

We are just as different to them,

They are to us.


Image by Jessi Proulx


Everyone is made up

Some different, some of the same

Either way you are a human being.

You give birth to a beautiful baby boy,

You guide him to grow

to be gentleman.

You Teach him gay is not a crime to himself or the people around him.

You accept him know matter what.

You have a baby girl,


You guide her into,

Open minded woman.

You Teach her to be gentle and kind

You Let her know that she can do anything she wants to do,

She’s the only one standing in her way.


The boy, the girl.

The hopes.

The dreams.

It’s what it’s all about.