PROJECT 11 by Marcus Hendrickson

Images by Marcus Hendrickson


With the Heritage wolf pack surrounding the stands and a crisp cool air giving a warning of the rain to come, Heritage Football walked out onto the field. Fans were packed into one undulating mass of purple, and the game was on. Right after kick-off Heritage recovered a fumble marking the beginning of a relentless onslaught brought on by the wolves.

“Play one” was the defining play according to Wyatt Luedecker, and he repeatedly stated how the first play that resulted in a 23 yard touchdown pass to Jeremiah Kelly is what created the momentum that ended in a 40 to 0 Heritage win.  “We hit them hard, we scored touchdowns, we didn’t stop, and we didn’t take our foot off the pedal”.

With the relentless rain came a relentless drive from both Offense and Defense, Heritage took the lead with a score of 7-0 only 55 seconds 

into the game. Heritage scored again on their second possession with a 16 yard touchdown reception to receiver Victor Duran from quarterback Loren Standiford, and continued to score all throughout the first half. Scoring included a one yard touchdown run by Loren Standiford, a 33 yard touchdown reception by E’Lon Mack from Standiford, and two field goals, a 28 and a 36 yard field goal by Bailey Thomason.

After the crowning of the homecoming king and queen during half time, Heritage was able to successfully defeat the Decator Gators 40 to 0. With 133 yards passing by Loren Standiford, 63 yards receiving by Elan Mack, 88 yards rushing and a touchdown by Jay Allen, Heritage put on an impressive display Friday night.

Wyatt Ludecker was still very humble through this impressive win, “I can do better” he said, “I’m ready for next week and I’m ready to push myself to the next level.” Wyatt also talked about the future of the season and “project 11” a mission, goal, and dream “to play 11 games this season”. Project 11 looks incredibly clear in the eyes of all fans and players. “The first time in 11 years Heritage has had a shut out” Ludecker said.