PLAYOFF BOUND by Marcus Hendrickson


HHS’s Martin Kocurek started off the scoring at the 7 minute mark with a beautiful volley, but Evergreen were fearless and  4 minutes later  got a shot inside the box and managed to even out the score at 1- nil. The T-Wolves did not hold back and came back  with Martin  Kocurek scoring another beautiful Goal inside the 18 yard box, getting them 2-1 lead. Just as we were meeting the half way mark, Evergreen gave it it’s all and managed to take a shot at the 25 and as Sam Basara(goaly) showed no fear to catch the on coming soccer ball,  the rain seemed to be on Evergreens side and slipped right through  the T-Wolves goal keeper’s fingers for a goal giving them the tie at 2-2.


As the second half whistle blew, the pace began to speed up but the T-wolves were prepared and knew that they needed another goal. As the corner kick was being taken by Jesus Bojorquez, Heritage was getting ready for the shot, and as the corner went off, Felipe slid in as the ball hit the floor, as everyone stood quiet the ball slid into the net, giving Heritage a 3-2 lead in the 65th minute.


The T-Wolves were hungry this season, because a one goal lead wasn’t enough, as Evergreen began playing on the defensive, T-wolves did the opposite and played attacking style soccer.


As Heritage managed to get the ball inside the 18 and took the shot, Evergreen blocked it, but the shot ricocheted and Martin Kocurek went in and took the shot as the crowd cheered, watching the ball go behind the net for a 4-2 lead at the 75″ mark, giving Martin a hat trick. As hope was being lost on the Evergreen side, hope was still maintained on the Heritage side as the forwards made a hard push through midfield, taking on our defenders and netting a third goal, leaving them trailing at the 80th minute.



Just as evergreen regained confidence, Irvin Gonzalez had to assure the win as Marco Martinez sent him a nice pass over the defenders, it was at that moment where the crowd stood high, and watched Irvin Gonzalez strike the ball straight at the goalie, but it curved into the top right corner giving heritage a 5-3 lead at the 89th minute. At this point, Hheritage knew they had it in the bag. As the final whistle blew, the crowd ran down onto the field to celebrate with the team knowing that Heritage attained a spot in the play-offs for the first time in 9 years.


– Words by Victor Ochoa

– Photos by Marcus Hendrickson