CHORUS by Alicia Pfaff

The room filled with tension,

Nerves flying through the air

From one member to the next.

Smiling under the

Crowds’ stares filled

With expectation.


The lights heating upchior-3

Our skin through the

Tuxes and black dresses,

Sweating not able to cool off.

Butterflies flying

Around in our stomachs.

Creating nervousness.

The piano starts and

We transform from giggly

Teenagers into mature adults.

The music flits off the ivory keys,


The words rolling off our tongues, Chior4

Voices intermingling through the air,

Quieting down the restless group.

We sing our hearts out,

Making sure everyone

Hears the harmony flowing

From us over the melody.

Nervousness goes away

Confidence has shown through

Making our voices heard.




Images by Chelseay Hacker

Poem by Alicia Pfaff

Sound by Joey Kocourek