Too much perfume/cologne

By: Amanda Holloway
Business Manager

Perfume and cologne is a good way to give you a little more scent after your shower or maybe if you didn’t take a shower that day and you just want to cover it up.

Perfume and cologne is a good thing to an extent, when applying too much this can cause an allergic reaction or just bother to people around you.

The number one thing to remember when applying your favorite scents is “Less is more.” When putting way too much on it never smells good, it just sticks.

Sometimes I think that people put pounds of perfume they are going to get reactions “Oh you smell so good!” But everyone is just thinking “Yuck, don’t put the whole bottle on next time.”

Most of the time guys put too much on, they usually have the shampoo, body wash, and spray of axe, or another brand. The body wash and the shampoo smells enough so no need for the spray too.

So next time you want to have a perfume overload think of everyone else around you, whose lungs are filling up with your perfume smell.