by Jeremy Hess and Jay Ulrich

Who doesn’t love smart phones? They are so convenient! Let’s say you’re out and about and you get lost or want to check a price of something but don’t want drive home to your computer to find out. Well what do you do? You just pull out your smart phone, Google it, get directions from Google, or from the maps on your Smartphone. They are super convenient when you’re in a fight with a friend and want to know whose right quickly, BAM, pull out your Smartphone and you know whose right.

Also there is the aspect of Wi-Fi, calling, and texting. I was out in woodland with my family with no bars of service, most phones wouldn’t be able to connect to service but because of my Smartphone I was able to connect to Wi-Fi and still be able to use it, just as if I had full bars. Also if you try and go on the internet at a store with Wi-Fi but don’t have smart phone-you can get charged but not with the Smartphone! In most cases, new Smartphone’s the battery life is way better than most non Smartphone’s like my old phone. I got about 2 days for just minimal texting but with my new phone I can call, text and surf the internet and it lasts me two to three and half days.

My last aspect I will talk about is the aspect of being able to check your email on the go: let’s say later in life you’re on a business but your boss emailed you a change in venue but you can be there and on top of it with your Smartphone. You showed up while other non Smartphone users didn’t also it keeps you in better and faster touch with all of your groups of friends.

Okay, I will have you all know straight up that Smartphones are the a devilish device of people who like to complicate your life. Since 1994 ‘Simon’ the age’s first smart phone started the trend that your phone is not just for making a call or sending a text messages. It introduced the new wave of keeping memos, calendars, scheduling and altogether ‘more convenient’ life. Later on in the age came Blackberry’s and Android smart phones, revolutionizing the previous idea-phones are not only meant to organize your life but instead take over your life.

We have all become way too dependent on our little electronic buddies. We’ve created a new sense of alertness when we don’t have our phones in our pockets a wave of panic overcomes us. Everybody LISTEN UP. What will happen if we sudden are stricken from the convenience of our smart phones? Realize the idea of never again checking your Facebook on our I-phones, or never being able to keep appointments on your phone. You will be forced to learn organization and communication skills between actual people instead of sending an SMS message (texting). Why would we want to get used to the idea of verbal communication between others to be rare or non-existent?

I find it more professional and formal to call others instead of texting them. Texting is impersonal and it lacks authenticity. It’s very easy to lie and deceive over text message, because you have the time to think about what you are going to say, without the hint of pausing, stuttering or any indication that you are untruthful. Simplicity at its finest, a non-smart phone is the best way to be true to others, and uncomplicated. Simplistic phones should be the way of the future- a further complicating phone. It’s unnecessary and it will sooner or later control our lives through a tiny phone.