Security guard, John Lilijedahl to retire

Security guard, John Liljedahl, is retiring December 16, 2011. He has been at Heritage since the doors opened in 1999. John has had a positive impact on all the Timberwolves. Students and staff will miss him a great deal.

Maria Campbell and Mike Taylor worked closely with John as security guards. Maria says she can’t imagine him not being at Heritage and being a part of the “team”.

“He has been my friend, my teacher, my inspiration, my support when needed, and most of all, my hero,” said Campbell. “Thank you for all the wonderful memories, uncontrollable laughs and all the great home-cooked lunches.”

Maria’s emotion of sadness for John leaving may be overpowered by her happiness that he will enjoy every day of his retirement but she knows it’s the best for him.

Mike Taylor, his other partner, wishes him a happy retirement and a good life out on the golf course. “It’s good that he’s bailing out while you can still enjoy life,” said Taylor.

Jeff Broome, Dean of Students, two years ago, enjoyed  working with John for several years. “I learned what it means to do everything you can to support kids in need from John,” said Broome.

John is an avid golfer and was the girls and boys golf coach for years, due to health issues, Mr. Patterson and Mrs. Myers took over the teams.

He also plays the bass in a blues band called, Triple Threat. Now that he is retiring he can spend more time with his band and golf, two of the things that he enjoys the most.

Students and staff say good-bye

Liljedahl is her favorite person at Heritage. “He is the most amazing person in the whole school. He is so nice. And he makes good cookies.” said Kunze.

He won’t only be missed by staff but students. “He has made a huge impact on staff and students throughout Heritage. I’m going to miss his jokes the most,” said Baylee Larson.

“Dear John, I remember the very first day I came to Heritage. You visitied my office and let me know “how it was going to be around here.” Eleven years later I have many memories of you helping students, me, other staff and other parents. It’s been my privilege to work with you. Thanks for all the training! Thanks for all the laughs! Thanks for your friendship! Most of all, thank you on behalf of every student you have helped and supported; you’ve definitely impacted hundreds of students in a very positive way. Heritage will not be the same without you. I can’t imagine HHS hallways or that south side gate without you and your charming self. Take care and enjoy your retirement. I know the place to find you. On the golf course somewhere. Keep in touch! Stay healthy. Always your friend…Sosky”

“Words are not adequate to express how much I enjoy working with you, John. You are a natural – great at reading to people, knowing when a student needs support or a stern “talking to”. I always know you have a keen eye out for students heading down the wrong “path”. As a counselor, I apperciate your referrals to me and your perspective on what’s going on. You’ve ‘been there, done that’ so you know the score and can be frank and knowledgable in talking to kids who are taking chances that could change their lives forever. You keep our campus safe. Thank you.”  – Renee Coyle.

Heritage wishes you a happy retirement.  Have fun relaxing, playing golf, rocking out in your band and spending time with your family. Don’t be a stranger to Heritage.