DECA Wins Spirit Award at Area 9

By Tyler Holbert
DECA members went to their competition Area nine January 11th. Held in Longview, Washington, all current DECA members participated. Area nine is an event in which students compete for the goal of placing and making it to DECA state held Belleview, WA.
At this event students can do a role play either in teams of two or a single role play. Students would then take a hundred question test, and based on these scores, make it to state or not.
“Obstacles are what you see when you take your eyes off the goal,” is a favorite quote of senior Hannah Terry. “This quote inspires me to keep looking at the prize and what I will accomplish instead of worrying about what can happen or where I can go wrong.”
DECA state is the first weekend of March first, second, and third. “I have been in DECA for two years now,” said sophomore Zack Dyment. “You get Thirty minute prep and then you have fifteen minute to present.” Dyment said of the experience, “I did not make it to state but I will still go to state due to the DECA event CAPS which is an automatic entry to state.”