Dancing with the teachers!

Dancing with the Teachers got started when Heritage High School asked the award-winning dance team if they would like to set up a program that would split the money earned between themselves with Speech and Debate. Just from this last year, they made $1200 combined, thanks to the enormous support from Heritage students.
The winner last year was Mr. Messer and he is coming back this year to defend his title. One year ago, Mr. Hamann was the main teacher and he will also be back this year to have a close rivalry with Mr. Messer for the title. I know a lot of people know him from AP Language and Composition, Junior Lit., and also from Junior English.

Here is the list of teachers dancing this year:
We have Mr. Crane, Miss Robinson, Mr. Messer, Mr.Hamann, Miss Cayton, Miss.Walenborn, Mr. Blake, Mr. Ross, Mr. Suksdorf, and Miss Suksdorf.

Currently, Paige Allen will be the MC, James Huges and Jeremy Hess will be at the door, with Savannah Briley doing behind-the-scenes filming of the competition. Come support our award-winning dance team and the amazing speech and debate team on November 29th at 7pm. Admission is $5 per person.

I know all of you who know Mr. Hamman, or even another teacher in the event, would like to come see them dance with the dance team. The first year most of them did hip hop, so come down to see what they are doing this year!

-Written by Jeremy Hesse

Here are some shots from LAST year:

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