Image by Ky Rowland
It takes courage to stand up to a bully. 71% of kids say they don’t feel safe going to school because of bullying. There are various ways a person can gain courage: By asking friends for help, contacting specialists who are able to help you, or having the self confidence to not let it bother you.

Chris Acevedo, a former student and bully victim, agreed to share his story with me regarding his past bullying situations. As a child, he didn’t notice at first, but when he realized that fat jokes were centered on him, it made him despise himself. This continued throughout high school. College came and he had a professor who was also the author of a book called “Fought to be this Happy.” This book showed him that other people are going through the exact same thing that he was. “My advice for those being bullied is that you are not alone there are people going through similar trials like you and that you must always believe in yourself and not listen to those people that will bring you down and always strive to be you.”

Being bullied is a tough aspect of life, and sadly is one that everybody faces at some point in time. But if you believe in yourself and know that you are better than what those people are saying then you’ll be able to overcome.

If you’re a witness to bullying we highly encourage you to report it. You can do so by contacting our district bullying line by phone, email, or text.

SafeSchools Alert is our districts’s tip reporting service. If you have info about a threat to someone’s saftely, do your part and report it! And remember, you can remain anonymous.

Phone: 1-855-4ALERT1, ext. 1002
Text: #1002 @tip + your tip to (513) 655-7173

-Article written by Jeremy Hess / Edited by Cassidy Lucas