Goodbye HOWL Heritage!

I learned so much from this class, how to get along with others and take criticism easily. I’ll miss all of the awesome works that were posted and everyone. This class was the most upbeat and I’m so grateful that I got to be apart of it all. I’m definitely going to miss the feeling I got when my own work was posted. Just that feeling that I could have my moment to shine, that I could be a somebody instead of just someone that was just there. This class boosted my confidence so much and I’m so happy about that.

Thank you for the great memories!

– Alicia Pfaff


Over this past semester, I have had a lot of fun in this Multimedia class with Mr. Strong, and I am truly saddened that this class will not be a class next year. But, over the course of the year of having this class, I have learned many things. Mr. Strong has helped me improve my writing skills, and continues to do so, I have learned the value of teamwork and dedication to something that means a lot to someone or yourself, and I have learned that if you really want to do something, you go out and you go do it, no matter what cause and effect lies ahead. This class has been an inspiration to me, and the next time it’s a class again, I am definitely signing up for it.

– Matt Bullen


Farewell Howl Heritage, though our time together was short, I will treasure all the moments that I was able to spend with you. I was able to learn so much from you, such as learning to become a better writer and being able to get over my fear of having my pieces published. I enjoyed everything that you were able to give to me, such as giving me the chance to show off some of the talent that I have been told I have. I got so much out of Howl Heritage from seeing and reading other people’s pieces. Yes our time was short together, but I will not forget the chance that you gave me to express myself and to show off what I and so many others could do. You will never be forgotten by me. I will treasure every moment that I was able to spend with you.

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This class is an inspiration, a family that I had a chance to be in and that I’m thankful for. I wish I had realized this before it was too late. Thank you Mr. Strong for giving me this opportunity to express myself. Thank you classmates for helping me and giving me the courage to open up to people. We will grow remember but never fade or forget. Goodbye and best wishes to everyone.

– William Brashier


Dang this class is cool, I’ve always been involved in one way or another in the heritage multimedia program and it was really cool to finally take a step right into it. Being able to take part in the projects I’ve always been watching people do was really rewarding! To create things that were actually praised and even had to be taken down because they were too controversial was a neat feeling. This class helped me realize in many ways how I want to chase something I love and be successful at it. What that is I’m not completely sure yet, but what I do know is people have an obsessive need to be informed, and satisfying their craving can lead to many successful paths.

– Marcus Hendrickson


I really feel like this year went really well creatively and output wise. I feel the quality of the content was good and feel as though my creative muscles were stretched and ostensibly given the opportunity to show off what they can do. I loved doing “the worst” project, but I also felt it was a time suck, that ultimately paid off. I gained a profound amount of respect for those in the animating world, and will from now on I will never draw (not really). Thats not all though, I learned how to edit, not that I didn’t know how to before, but I am now profusely better than I was at the beginning of the year. I will always remember this class because of the creative leniency I was given, the intense amount of editing skills I gained, and the David Bowie conversations I had with Mr. Strong.

– Oscar Barajas


I haven’t been in this class for more than two or three months but in the time I was it was pretty great. I had the freedom to write what inspired me and not be pressured into writing things that had absolutely no interest to me. I’m glad I took the class.
– Victoria Bauer


Not only have I met some amazing people in this class, but it has also taught me to be independent, to be comfortable showing everyone my creativity, and that my opinion matters. This class has really made me a more confident person altogether, and I have Mr. Strong and all the other great students to thank for that. This is a class that I will always have fond memories of – obviously I’ll miss all the students and all the fun times with them, but more than anything I’ll miss one of my favorite teachers of all time – Mr. Strong.

But now, I must bid a sorrowful farewell to HOWL Heritage, and all the amazing staff. I am still amazed by the work you all put out this year, and hope you all continue on with your writing and photography, even if it’s not in this class. Great job you guys.


– Emily Fraser