FAMILY by Jessi Proulx

I hate you all.

You’re all leaving me!

I’m the only Sophomore in a class full of seniors. I know you’re all headed into the world to make some amazing changes. But you’ve become my family. And it’s hard to let go of your family. But I am so happy you all got to be a part of my life, and year. You have all made a change in my life whether it was huge, or teeny.

Amber- You made me feel accepted. I walked into this class thinking that you were all going to shut me out because I had not taken the class last semester. But you didn’t. You let me in.

Cody- You, well, you’re just you. I see you as like an older brother. You’re SO funny- Remember when I wasn’t feeling good and you were going to call me an ambulance, but still make me pay for it? Yup, those were the days.

Julia- You were in my Black & White photography class, and you could always put a smile on my face. You are so pretty and confident.

Nadya- You’re super smart, and unique. I love your sense of style. Remember taking photographs with the helmet? That was so much fun, and your smile is just so gorgeous. You are so sweet and bubbly!


Kristen- I love you! You are so sweet! And you’re an amazing writer!! You work so hard, I believe you are one of the most hardworking people in this class. I can’t see you ever being mad at anyone. It’s funny because I never knew you were the Kristen that edited Bron’s paper. And I remember seeing you when I was with him one day, and we both said hi, and after you walked away, Bron and I both said (in sync) “I love her! She’s so amazing!” You really are.

Matt- My first project was with you, and you helped me get used to being so independent with my work. You’re easy to talk to, and fun to work with. We never really talked much, you’re quite quiet, (not a bad thing!).

Hugo- You’re weird and I love you. Even though you hate to hear it, you’re the mother of the class. It’s not a bad thing, so don’t take it that way. You’re this big goofball, and I look forward to seeing you in class every day. Peeking over your computer.

Jeremy- Best for last. We didn’t talk as much, but you still made an impact. After I had my photojournalism published, I was going through the site, and found your It Gets Better piece. I had no idea. And even when I did find out, not a single thing changed about the way I look at you. You are this bubble of joy and laughter! You are always so positive.And it is so amazing for you to write something like that, to let others they are not alone. You are an amazing person.

You are all going to do amazing things in this world, I believe in you all! I am going to miss every single one of you so much. So I know what I said before about hating you all and everything but, in real life I love you all. With all my heart. I have never had a group of people to support me as much as you all did.

I have never met such a bunch of open minded, positive, amazing, fun, loving, and caring people in my entire life. I am going to miss you guys so freaking much. I am going to cry and cry and cry. Just kidding, I won’t cry, well I probably will, just not a lot. Just know that I love you all so very much, and I can’t wait to see my family be famous.