Artist of the issue: Katherine Borchers

Junior, Katherine Borchers loves 35 mm film photography, and believes she’s pretty good at it, but what she doesn’t realize is most students reckon her to be an amazing photographer.

“Katherine is a great mix of academic and artist; she is not one to just wander around ‘taking’ pictures, but rather works at ‘making’ great images.  She seems to understand the power of communicating visually, and it’s only after thoughtful planning that she arrives at an image that can capture what she’s sought to express or understand. While I’m all for ‘whimsy,’ I find myself more and more impressed by just this sort of deliberateness…It will serve her well no matter what the endeavor,” said Borchers’ teacher Mr. Emmert. Her work can be used as a great inspiration for those students who want to become skilled in photography and learn more about it.

 Borchers has big plans for using her skills behind the camera. “Even if my profession isn’t in photography, this form of art will always have a special place in my heart,” Borchers said. There’s always some type of art that will stick to this artist.

Katherine became influenced to create beautiful works of art the first time she picked up a camera and started taking pictures.

There is no doubt that Borchers loves her hobby inside and out, especially when she describes the different types of photography she has used and experimented with in the past.

As of now, Borchers isn’t entirely sure how photography will play into her future plans. “I would love to go to Ringling College of Art and Design in Sarasota, Florida for photography, but it is extremely expensive and I am okay with going just about anywhere. I guess I will apply to a variety of colleges and universities, and whatever school really spares my interest, I will go to! Wherever I end up I know I will be happy and my family will support me,” Borchers explains.

Katherine Borchers is a great photographer who has a passion for the art of photography and has big plans for future photography artwork.