Fashion Trending ::: Fall Layers

by Jay Ulrich

[singlepic id=115 w=233 h=350 float=left]Fall is coming and the transition from light summer wear into layered winter wear is becoming a coming issue. No one wants to throw away entire wardrobes because of the slight weather change, and storage is not a kind way to treat our clothes. Finding new alternatives to updating our wardrobe is becoming more real and it’s something I can see we all need help on.

For most women, we stocked up on sundresses this summer as a way to find a cool alternative to shorts and skirts, but now that the wind is blowing and the temperatures are dipping down. We are ready to put the dresses in the back of the closet till next summer, and whip out our cards to spend one-hundred plus dollars on a new wardrobe. What if I told you there was an easy-trendy alternative to fashioning your dress into the latest fall apparel?

Layering is a key factor in fall fashion. We need a way to stay fashion forward but also to stay warm and comfortable at the same time. Layering can bring out the best in an outfit while keep us cozy and comfortable. It’s as simple as adding a spaghetti strap under our dress, wearing leggings underneath, and/or wearing a cardigan on top. The layered look also shows the thoughtfulness of your outfit, more than just waking up and throwing clothes on, without the hard work of it all. Layering doesn’t just go for girls; Men are sporting the layered look as fall becomes closer. Whether it is adding a flannel or blazer to your tank top, or wearing your jean cut-offs with a sweater, men work with what they have to stay on top of fashion.

[singlepic id=114 w=233 h=350 float=right]Dresses: Take your best summer dress and layer it with a solid legging, or pair of leg warmers. If it’s a bit windy that day, throw on a cardigan pending the pattern of your dress. If you have a solid color dress, then add some patterns with your leggings or cardigan. If your dress has a floral pattern to it, then keep it simplistic with solids and low key patterns. You do not want to have an eye sore outfit with too many patterns in one outfit. Always keep it simplistic, and you will never strike out.

Tank Tops: (Women) Tank tops are always something you can layer. Adding a trendy denim vest, or layering over a buttoned up top always creates a cozy fashionable look. Such as Flannels, button ups, and jackets.

[singlepic id=116 w=233 h=350 float=left]Tank Tops: (Men) Tank tops for men are very common to see layered with denims, flannel, and jackets. The general rule is that layering tank tops can be anything that buttons/zips up without covering the entire shirt.

Accessories: Layering transitions your wardrobe but adding accessories to your outfit makes it a more unique piece that sets it apart from everyone else’s outfit.