WE ARE BORN by Jessi Proulx

Image by Jessi Proulx


We grow to learn from our parents’ rights,

Their wrongs,

Their mistakes.

They teach us whether or not it’s wrong

To be passionate about the things you love, our presentation of


A child is born into this world knowing nothing.

It is what we teach that child that will create its perspective on this world.

What will create their piece of mind? Read more

SECURITY BLANKET by Kristen Buehner

Images by Jessi Proulx

Lady Liberty turns her face as the buildings fall to dust

The news stations play the same questions over and over and over.
They call all the people who have a drop of an opinion on the matter.
They crowd the faces of elected officials, law enforcement, innocent bystanders,
Anyone with an inkling of sense still rattling around their dust-filled brains behind their dust-filled eyes
And they draw half-answers out of them with a slow syringe, and distribute them through radio waves and TV broadcasts as security blankets, and they just keep talking
Because the silence of unanswered questions is too loud for them to bear. Read more