DAYBREAK by Julia Garcia

Images by Amber Poer

The doors open to the truck. I grab the lever in the bottom right to let me out of the backseat and step onto the gravel. The three of us walk along the path created by the footsteps of previous adventurers—Dom the leader, me in the middle, and Brandon as the caboose. We trek over one hill, through some bushes, over another hill and finally to our destination.

A permanent tent lies at the bottom of the hill covered with a blue tarp angled around a tree. Beer caps hammered in by previous campers snake up the tree, giving it flimsy coat of armor seven feet up its trunk. Memories—beautiful, yet destructive.

We wait for Amber and Nick to arrive. Brandon crosses the two-feet-deep water in search of a walking stick but finds broken glass bottles sitting under the water. With disgust all over his face, he reaches under the water to grab Read more

REACHING by Julia Garcia

Images by Amber Poer

Rain drizzles down the windows of the cars parked next to faded painted parking lines, muggy clouds hang lazily over. The doors to a large warehouse open with a gust of warm wind as if to escape into the cold drafty air. An overwhelming sound of children and parents comes with it, and fills the ears.

A commotion of different people becomes visible. A line leads to the register, five people deep, purchasing bracelets for their children to play in the trampoline area.

Trampolines line half of the warehouse separated by foam cover to prevent accidents or injuries. There are two areas separated by a black net—one for bouncing and tricks, another for dodgeball. A line forms to dunk a basketball while Read more

BE TRUE by Jeremy Hess

Nike Day started in 2003 with about 100 students.

Nike held the forum for LGBTQA youth (Lesbian Gay Bisexual Transgender Questioning and Allied) again this year at Nike headquarters in Beaverton on the April 25. Over 500 students attended—it’s expected to grow every year.

Over 500 kids from all around the area came together to celebrate the #betrue model. Students came from schools as far as Springfield, OR.
It was a major support group, and major party.


The day started with the check in were we got our own shirts that read #betrue, a celebration to their “Be True” rainbow sneakers. Read more

FAMILY by Jessi Proulx

I hate you all.

You’re all leaving me!

I’m the only Sophomore in a class full of seniors. I know you’re all headed into the world to make some amazing changes. But you’ve become my family. And it’s hard to let go of your family. But I am so happy you all got to be a part of my life, and year. You have all made a change in my life whether it was huge, or teeny.

Read more

TAKE A NUMBER by Hugo Gonzalez

Images by Cody Calhoon

Fluorescent lights illuminate the nervous crowd seated below them; the constant beep, beep, beep, from the computers is anything but soothing. Everyone stiffly keeps turned to the front of the room.

They murmur in different languages between themselves: Russian, Spanish, different Asian dialects. All of them clutch large stacks of papers, over-prepared, just in case. The immigration office is not a place you want things to go wrong.

“27,” a curly brown-haired woman from the front desk screams, her bark strangely feminine. An older woman stands up; a younger lady helps her walk to the front. No one smiles, few people whisper among themselves the rest just listen.

“28.” Everyone checks their number. Another gets up to disappear to the front of the room.

A TV softly plays against the wall; a wrinkled piece of paper stuck to it reads “DO NOT TOUCH.” Read more

I, CHEETO by Nadya Simakov

Images by Amber Poer

Beware of the Cheetos®! You probably can’t even pronounce the stuff on the ingredients list: Ferrous Sulfate, Niacin, Thiamin Monoitrate, Riboflavin, Frolic Acid, Disodium Phosphate, et al.

30 different kinds of ingredients go into making Cheetos, which end up being 4.8% protein, 35.9% carbs, and 59.3% fat. Cheetos are “one of the most marvelously constructed foods on the planet, in terms of pure pleasure,” says food scientist Read more

SENIORITIS by Julia Garcia

We start out three feet tall in elementary school. We gain a few feet in middle school, puberty leads us into high school. Before we know it, we’re putting on our caps and gowns at graduation.

It’s the end of the year; graduation is only months away, and all the seniors are in a rush to make sure they graduate on time. The last thought in anyone’s mind would be about the juniors and lower classmen. While the seniors get ready for life after high school, they get ready to move up the food chain in high school. But what if they’ve already contracted senioritis? Now it seems skipping has become the new trend. Read more