PERSPECTIVES by Dmitriy Ivanchuk

HHS junior Dmitriy Ivanchuk took photos inspired by the poem Perspectives, by¬†Bassel¬†Almasalmeh. He then mixed the photos and the spoken-aloud poem and what’s created is a meditation on city life.


While I was walking the city
Inhaling the dust of the street after rain
The weather cloudy, the trees dim
The city looked like an open book

Time lays its hand on the self-memory

Stores fragments, images:
Streets, crowds, shops, weather
As if life is but a handful of dust

The city, energy, immortal
Walking with dead bodies, treading on
Faces carrying weary heads to oblivion
Walking with memories played like tape

Now things look smaller,
Small things fade, large ones small
As if I was hovering, mapping the city
Is this real or slave hallucinations

The city appeared huge and unfathomable
I looked closely from above
And saw a man looking towards me
Imagining desperately the scene from above

Bassel Almasalmeh


Photos by Dmitriy Ivanchuk

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