Note: This video clip was produced by Evergreen School District’s program, YES-TV.

Senior Year, with the help of DECA, motivated me to create some kind of legacy at Heritage High School. Leaving a legacy means to build a path for others. My partner in the “Breaking the Barriers” campaign, Alyssa Ferguson, felt the best future for Heritage was for everyone to be excited about coming to school. Future students wouldn’t have to worry about being picked on, or not having someone to eat lunch with. We wanted all future students to be close with EVERYBODY, as if all 2200 students at HHS were all one family.

The best way to do that was to target future Heritage students and teach them a new tradition in High School. By the time they are seniors, the new freshmen will feel its natural to love everybody. That message being recognized on YES-TV was amazing! We did not expect “Breaking the Barriers” to create that immediate of an impact. Our hope now is that the YES-TV video could expand the message not only to Heritage, Frontier and Covington, but to all schools everywhere.

– Victor Duran