It was a cool yet  sunny day, a contrast to what last week’s game was. With Union entering the field, it was about to be a sharp contrast e in the score as well. With our adrenaline rush and pride flowing through our blood from  beating Enumclaw just the other week, HHS Football was pumped up and confident.

Our ego might have gotten too big for us though, because we lost to Union 41- 0. That’s 41 to Union, and 0 to Heritage. This loss was hard and devastating for everyone.  

While interviewing George Ward, the starting lineman for Heritage’s football team, I realized how much the outcome of this game impacted the team into improving their play. George gave me plenty of ideas of what they could have done to up their game.

“As a player I could have gotten wrapped up in the game more and got the crowd more pumped up”. Ward said.

Even after this setback, the team is already looking forward to the next game and is determined to show the true strength of a Timberwolves pack. “Intensity is something we could improve on next time” Ward said.



Photos by Marcus Hendrickson

Interview & Audio by Devonn Figaire