Playoff Possibilities

Heritage has put in a lot of effort this year, and could have the potential of being in
the plays-offs due to the win against Battle Ground. The game was tied 13-13
at the end of regulation. In overtime the ball is placed on the 25 yard line. Battle Gound
was the fi rst to attempt to put points on the board. Their first play from scrimage
was a touchdown run. Then Heritage set up on the 25 and took four shots to make
a fi rst down. In the next series the ball was snapped to Joey Cooper the quarterback, he
looked to the right and threw to E’lon Mack wide open in the end zone for a touchdonwn.
The score was 19-20 and Heritage went for the two point conversion and the win. The ball was snapped and Cooper found his man Rajeem Currie all alone in the end zone. Heritage has to beat Evergreen
on Friday, October 28 at McKenzie stadium at 5:00 p.m and then they qualify for the play-offs.
So far the team has won two games against Mark Morris, 36 – 14, and Battle Ground 21-20.
Head coach, and defensive coordinator, Jack Hathaway, in his fi rst year of coaching,
believes, “Our effort this year is tremendous but there is still some work to do.” “Against Battle Ground
really showed how our team could come together to achieve
a common goal, as a team we can still break new ground and do what no other team at Heritage
has,” said senior Christian Falkenhagen.

Written by Tyler Moulten