Male athlete of the issue: Chris Stansberry

Chris Stansberry, baseball

Justine Schoolfield
Circulation Manager

This month, varsity baseball player, Senior Christopher Stansberry was recognized as male athlete of the issue. Baseball has been a part of Stansberry’s life since he was five. “It’s my outlet in life,” he claims.

This season he is looking forward to winning league and districts then going to state. “Or new coach is from Arizona and he lead his team to state taking second, we’re hoping for a repeat up here,” said Stansberry.

After high school Stansberry plans to go to Washington State University Vancouver and study computer science. When asked if he was going to continue baseball after high school he replied with: “Only if I get offers but for now it’s the end of the road.”

Stansberry is a pitcher for the Heritage team. He likes pitching because he feels in control. But when he’s not pitching he also plays center field.

When it comes to baseball one of Stansberry’s favorite moments was a game when he was 12. In that game he pitched his first no hitter and ran his first home run- running nine more after that. All-in-all it was a
triumphant game.

As for high school baseball- he is hoping this year will be his favorite, seeing as last year was such a disappointment.