TOOLS OF THE TRADE by Hailey Owens

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Ever since I was little I’ve had a strange fascination with vampires. Not like the obsessive people who have dedicated their life looking for imaginary Twilight characters (Edward Cullen anyone?). My interest is different. As a kid, I was always focused on the idea of vampires and the inconsistency in how to kill them. After a few hours of looking into how many ways there are, several weird looks, and asking around, I put together a list: a stake through the heart, burning, garlic, holy water, etc.

 I didn’t stop after making a list. I took it a step further and created these photos.

While getting my props for this series, my favorite part was the cashier at Fred Meyer’s reaction to putting all these materials up on the belt. After ringing me up she suggested I must be trying to kill vampires, with a straight face I told her she was correct and walked off. Even now I’m still trying to hold back the laughter.