SACRED OBJECTS by Savannah Briley



Why do we hold objects so close to our hearts? Objects tell personal stories, they reflect memories and journeys. They are a part of who we are. For me, my music box holds joyful memories of my childhood. The music would brighten me up even if I was having a bad day. The pink ballerina dancing in a circle with a smile on her face brought a smile onto mine. I would open and close the box sometimes just enough to stop the song. Then I would wind up the music again and play it throughout my room, pretending, just for a moment, that I was that dancing ballerina. I still wind up that old music box when I’m feeling sad.



For other people, like my friend and her heart pillow, their object tells a story about a part of their life’s journey. In the case of the pentagram necklace another friend of mine is holding, she values her religion and wears that necklace every day as a reminder of her faith.  The image of a lady holding a violin shows the inner beauty of a musical personality. The black and white hands holding a photograph of a beautiful woman show us what’s behind these images, these objects that are held so close to all of us, these personal stories, these people.




Words & Photos by Savannah Briley

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