by Jay Ulrich and Kyle Sager

Halloween is a time for children and their parents going door to door knocking on neighbor’s doors for tricks and treats. Generally there are kids ranging from 2 – 12 dressed up to indulge in this activity, but some teenagers never stop…taking the idea of trick or treating from cute, to creepy.

As you grow up, you move on from childish tendencies and grow into your role as an adult. That means teenagers shouldn’t be showing up on stranger’s doors in costume holding a pillow case. You have the ability to use your own money, walk to the store, and buy your own candy. Stop exploiting your neighbors for the free candy they have bought for little kids!.

Think about if you were a young kid knocking on that door- If older kids have taken all of the best candy, and left you with fun-sized junk.

In a lot of ways, teens trick or treating isn’t only disturbing, but pathetic. You have more important things to do rather than worry about what street route you’ll be taking to hit all the best houses. If you’re really into the spirit of the holiday, then take your younger siblings or your neighborhood kids…and be cool enough to stand on the sidewalk and focus on their excitement instead of stealing their thunder.

Consider, for a second, the benefits:
1. You get candy.
2. You can hang with your friends
3. You can walk around at night scaring people!

I don’t see why it should matter if you’re 6 years old or 16 years old- Trick or Treating never gets old.  Would you rather pay a ton of your hard-earned money or go out for an hour and get three times as much junk and have it be free!  I’ve seen guys like 26 years old making use of their mustaches and dressing up as Mario to bring in the sweets. Also, what if your parents tell you to go out because you have a little brother or sister, why not dress up and get some candy for yourself? It’s a win-win.
I would be willing to bet all the candy I get tonight, and say that if you asked 90 percent of this school if they wanted to go trick or treating, they would say yes.
Personally trick or treating will never get old, and people say we need to grow up, but 16 is not very old at all.  And we’re still growing!